Blueprint of matter, blueprint of mind

Blueprint of matter, blueprint of mind consists of a series of photograms on old tablecloths. The sun, shining low in the sky, has left a long shadow of the china on the tablecloth. The cups seem to have sunk into the surface, you can almost hear people chatting away. It becomes a accumulation of moments and memories, fixed in the tablecloth. The ground exists of old damasks. In certain spots the traditional pattern is still visible. Here, old decorative patterns start a conversation with those of the present-day.  

Based on these cyanotype wallhangings, new damask tablecloths have been woven in collaboration with B&T Textilia (BE). Together, we have secured these fragile images by weaving it as a whole. In this process, these different layers come figuratively together. Next to that the material refers to the oldfashioned china on the images, but now in a modern visual language. This new form gives the cloths the chance to step out of the artwork on the wall, and return to the everyday-use. Now, they do not only speak of a past, but are also given a future.

Blueprint of matter, blueprint of mind is ready for delivery. It is a 100% cotton, high quality damask in blue and ecru, 150 by 215 cm (can shrink a bit after the first wash). Comes in a handmade linnen box, made by Brown Cartonnages.

Would you like to stay informed or buy a tablecloth? Feel free to email me for further information, or to pre-order one: Contact.

Blueprint of matter, blueprint of mind is generously sponsored by the Heij Konijn Fonds.